Future Trains Are Here! (Almost)

futuretrain When SEPTA‘s not busy stamping out our souls like so many spent cigarettes, they do things like bring a South Korean company to South Philly to make futuristic railcars, whipping up lots of jobs in the process:

The lease … is for 20 years, and the plant will house Rotem’s U.S. headquarters and employ about 300 workers on an 11.5-acre site on Weccacoe Avenue between Snyder and Oregon Avenues. Rotem and Sojitz Corp., a Japanese company, have formed a consortium to build 120 Silverliner V regional railcars for SEPTA for $274 million. The first cars are to be delivered to SEPTA in December 2008, and all 120 will be completed by June 2010.

Looks sharp, but we’d kinda prefer this, or this, or maybe this.
Inky: The Future Is Now 2010

4 Responses to “Future Trains Are Here! (Almost)”

  1. Trolleyvox Says:

    They make tanks? One of those on the front end actually might be more SEPTA-appropriate

  2. joeymazoey Says:

    No points for style choice, SEPTA.
    Same company, different train

  3. joeymazoey Says:

    That should have linked here:


  4. mappy Says:

    i vote for some of this.

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