Mo’ Rumblings: 1-800-BULLSHIT

frank keel>>> A murder or more each day, a City Hall stricken with malaise and a police commissioner who simply cannot get it together to reverse the trend of human carnage: What would Philadelphia do? Why, it’s so fucking simple: Shut down the psychics. After all, if the poor can’t be told they’ll die soon, they’ll never see it com-[… Ed. note: The writer of this blurb has just been taken down by a stray bullet. Whatever. He had a good run.] []
>>> You may not know who Frank Keel (pictured) is, but you may recognize him by his meltdown that’s sure to be on the evening news tonight, in which Keel, the same psychic friend who mind-melded the FBI bug in Street’s office to a GOP conspiracy, now turns his magical hand on “the [Tom Knox] shark, alleging involvement by Bob Brady’s campaign, secret meetings at Starbucks, old Blackberry messages that might maybe prove this, allegations that the man in the shark is a South Jersey carpenter who also might be a member of the Pagan motorcycle club.” Don’t delay! Call-meh-now! 1-800-BULLSHIT! [FightForRoom215]
>>> And because the blogosphere is the new Ugg boot, we must share it with you: The Action News BLOG. [6abc]

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