The Philebrity Lexicon: “Domers”

tiffDo·mers · noun, pejorative.
Social subgroup, indigenous to the East Coast of the United States, of middle- and working-class females over the age of 13, but under 27. Indulged in HAIR-TEASING, GUM-CRACKING, and other teenage girl pastimes. However, given their ethnic, working-class backgrounds, DOMERS were also given to coarse behavior, either violent or sexual. Briefly popularized on the television show DANCIN’ ON AIR, later DANCE PARTY USA. Ex: Do you remember the time that Amy got chased all the way home from Electric Playground by the Domers because that girl caught her staring at her boyfriend’s Z. Cavvaricci’s?
1984-1993 · Popular among Northeast US, often referred to male counterparts as GUIDOS. Syn.: DISCO BUNNIES. 1994- Survived by milder, as-yet-unnamed social subgroup often seen in OLD CITY, MANAYAUNK. See also: CASHMAN GIRLS.
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  1. Citizen Mom Says:

    Ha, ha you look so funny/ Won’t you be my Disco Bunny!

    Also acceptable in the ‘Yunk is the pejorative CRUMBS, which can be male or female. Ex: “I stopped into Spanky’s last night and the crumbs were out in force.”

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