Dept. Of Philly Accent Imitations: Philly Boy Roy

art of the slapWe absolutely heart Scharpling & Wurster, the comedy duo you’ve been hearing since forever on WFMU, quite possibly the only radio station of its kind in the known world. So we got psyched when we got a promo of The Art Of The Slap, their new triple-disc of radio shenanigans. The Scharpling & Wurster style is of a fine vintage, subtle like a nice Bob Newhart but also as pungent as a Spinal Tap, and nowhere is this more evident than on what was for us the discovery of the whole set: A bit called “Philly Boy Roy.” Here, Roy from Rocksbarah, yewe knowe calls in and tells the hosts a tall tale of psychic mind-melding, lazer GG Allin shows, and lots of howegeez. Submitted for your enjoyment, an accent so Philly it’s almost cockney.

Stream the entire 20 minutes after jump.

4 Responses to “Dept. Of Philly Accent Imitations: Philly Boy Roy”

  1. DJRobertDrake Says:

    speaking of WFMU …

  2. mBeck Says:

    funny, I just digitized 25 philly boy roy’s off the Best Show blog (how AWESOME is Wiretap for apple?)

    be cool to see Wurster make the Armisen jump

    my fave philly boy roy: “we don’ toast nem hoegies . . . NO WAY NO DEY”.

    also, threatening Tom with a “sharpened peanut chew”, the constant mentions of the Hooters, Frank’s Wishniak, “dem Birds” and “Roxbora”

    sad thing is that 75% of my extended family talk like this.

    God Bless the NorfEast (even tho he totally DOESN’T)

  3. allclass Says:

    wow…a friend from nyc had copies of this like two years ago. whoa, haven’t heard it since. my favourite is the “pirate dad” skit. so amazing.

  4. susannah Says:

    Philly Boy Roy is second only to the Angry Mr. Bungle fan on the show…highly recommend checking out AMBF archives on the WFMU site.

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