Rumblings: Number One With A Bulletin

andy rooney>>> This one has too many levels of meta-irony to bear: The old gang from late, great Philadelphia Bulletin get together to reminisce about old times, and the Inky sends a guy to “live blog” it. What now? []
>>> And in case you were wondering, we were, too: Philly’s O’Reilly-come-lately Evening Bulletin… still exists! Holy shit! Actual quote from today’s top story: Ever since Janice Joplin took to the stage in rural upstate New York, the Woodstock values of a generation driven by self-interest, rather than self sacrifice, have replaced the Ozzie & Harriet values of days past. WOW. We never thought we’d say this, but ever since they’ve been declawed by, well, real life, these neocon blowhard dudes are actually kind of cute. You go, Wilford! Tell ’em what’s the right thing to do! [EveningBulletin]
>>> And speaking of, look out for the Evening Bulletin‘s new food critic! We can’t tell you who she is, but here’s a hint: She went to Choate! Look out, LaBan. OK, OK, enough making fun of these guys. We’ll check back in another six months, or when they shut down whichever comes first. [EveningBulletin]

5 Responses to “Rumblings: Number One With A Bulletin

  1. sweetjv Says:

    That entire article about the Evening Bulletin‘s food critic sounds like a conversation between two WASPs at a Republican fundraiser. I love how he casually lets drop that “she captained and was voted MVP playing varsity soccer for Yale.”

  2. sleepuntildark Says:

    “What the carpe diem civilization fails to realize is that while their policy of freedom without consequences may place them high in the sky with Lucy and her diamonds, eventually what goes up must come down.”


  3. DJRobertDrake Says:

    damn… their lead story actually quotes the Bible!

    Me thinks they probably only carry Fred Basset and Hi And Lois in their cartoon section

  4. dmac Says:

    Robert: No Fred Basset, but they do carry Hi & Lois and The Phantom.

  5. mappy Says:

    Tell me they have Wizard of Id!

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