Rumblings: People Paper People And The People Who Love Them

pw>>> Definitely do check out Steve Volk PW cover story this week on the present state of the Inky mess. It’s as good a read as you’re going to get on what’s going on right now.
>>> But wait! Everything just changed AGAIN! Soon-to-be striking Guild workers launch plan to start competing paper online during the strike. Well, if nothing else, the strike has done something good already: It’s introduced the lifers to computers. Holy shit, wait until they hear about YouTube and MySpace. Shhh, nobody tell them. We wanna preserve that Internet Santa Claus feeling for them. At any rate, say hello to, you finally have your own Phawker. We hope you’re happy now. [Editor&Publisher]
>>> And lest you think that somewhere, there is an escape hatch yet unhatched, think again: No extensions, no way, no how, not ever. [EveningBulletin]

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