R.I.P.: Jason DiEmilio (1970-2006)

jasonWe are saddened to hear today that Jason DiEmilio known to many music fans here and around the world as the man behind the psychedelic/post-rock outfit Azusa Plane has passed on. In the 1990s, DiEmilio emerged as an architecht of what came to be regarded as the Psychedelphia sound: one part shoegaze, one part psych-rock, one part avant-garde and one other big part Philly DIY. DiEmilio was also instrumental in helping Quentin Stolzfus’ Mazarin get off the ground, and was also an active and proud participant in the international psychedelic music community as well. His influence was wide, and his music was groundbreaking.
The Azusa Plane: “Strings 2″ [mp3, from America Is Dreaming Of Universal String Theory, courtesy The Philadelphia Ambient Music Consortium]
We here at Philebrity would like to extend our condolences at this time to Jason’s family and many, many friends and fans. As of this writing, no proper obituary is available, but we promise to get that, as well as info on any services in his honor, to you the moment we’re made aware of them.
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5 Responses to “R.I.P.: Jason DiEmilio (1970-2006)”

  1. Nate Says:

    Pitchfork gave you a shoutout in their post about this. Weird, man.

    RIP Jason DiEmilio

  2. JMinky Says:

    We loved you and always will. I hope you now have the peace that you were searching for.


  3. drekka Says:

    Wow… that is really a kick in the head. Jason was one of the first people to ever take a listen to my music and share thoughts with each other. He said he would listen to my tapes on the way to work in his car… RIP brother.

  4. Maria Colavita Says:

    May your soul bring your talent and music into the heavens! Memories of you will bring peace to your friends on earthĶĶĶĶĶĶ..
    Thoughts, prayers and Friendship forever.


  5. Slim__ Says:

    As Jason’s cousin, it brings so much warmth to our family’s hearts to see such an outpouring of condolensces from the music community. Our family is so deeply saddened by the loss. Jason brought so much joy to all of our lives for 36 years and we pray his soul is now free of pain. His friend Michael put it best…”Jason suffered from a chronic and seemingly incurable pain. He had a seriously debilitating condition known as tinnitus and hypercusis that was brought about by extreme sound exposure; a result of playing in bands most of his life without protection for his ears. The nerve damage was severe and irreversible. Recently it had become even more acute. He held out for as long as he could and lived as he died. With grace and indefatigable courage. Jason was open to the simplest beauties of the world and never could stop being enraged at what fouled it.” Thank you again, to all of you that knew Jason personally or through his music. He will never be forgotten.

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