Obeying Every Battered Wife Clich? Known To Man, Brett Myers’ Wife Gets Charges Dropped

myersNow that the Phils have so perfectly blown that wild card chase we were all so hoping for, let us not mince words: Brett Myers is a pretty good pitcher, but everything else about the guy screams asshole. And the fact that he’s getting off like this, especially after he and the Phils organization so badly bungled even an apology, is making our blood boil around here. What’s worse, just look at the way this plays out in the AP story.

Kim Myers said the counseling has helped the couple, who have two children, and she denied other physical abuse.

“This is not something that happens on a daily basis,” she said. “Or ever.”

Covering your tracks much? Jesus. And isn’t this just a perfect little slice of everything that is wrong with human beings:

Myers, a right-hander and ace of the Phillies staff, finished the regular season 12-7 with a 3.91 ERA. He was treated as a celebrity by court officers, who shook his hand and patted him on the back. One told him, “Good luck, it will be all right,” while another said, “Nice seeing you again.”

All of you. Get the fuck out of my office. I’m disgusted.
ESPN: Myers Wife Not Really The Punishing Kind

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