Paging The Late, Great Philly Band S PRCSS…

s prcss

S PRCSS is the number one band probably I ever wish Id been in, which is ironic, because they kept losing bass players, and I play bass, and were all from Philadelphia, but for whatever reason (pick one) they wouldnt let me join. But I watched this video of them on the French Kiss site and I was wondering why I just didnt make music like they did every day, all the time.

Also, Id like to say that if any members of S PRCSS are reading this, specifically Bob or Daneil, you guys were really good, and Im sorry I always email you and tell you that, and am now writing about you on this blog or whatever, youre probably pretty sick of me since you dont write back, and Bob, Im sorry if you werent into the Edie Sedgwick track I made with an S PRCSS sample, its not released or anything, dont worry, mainly I did it because it was the closest thing I could do to being in the band.

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