Readers Forward: Jennifer Weiner’s Husband Forced To Shill At Work For New Book

weiner Sent around hubby’s law firm this morning:

Just a quick note to let everyone know that my wife Jennifer Weiner’s new short story collection, The Guy Not Taken, hits stores today. According to the Boston Herald, “With her latest collection, however, [Jennifer] Weiner is proving that the masters of the oft-maligned chick lit genre are voices to be reckoned with. An accessible anthology that takes readers on a ride through divorce, heartbreak, insecurity and what might have been, ‘The Guy Not Taken’ is a tender, thought-provoking read that puts Weiner on the map as one of her generation’s best literary voices.”

Jen’s website,, has a wealth of resources about the new book, including links to a video of Jen reading from one of the stories, a sneak preview of Jen’s upcoming television commercial, and info about upcoming readings in Philadelphia and NYC.

Thanks for your time.

We imagine this to be just one in a lifetime filled — utterly, completely filled — with Willie Loman moments.
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