Readers Write/Photoshop: Let’s Get These Philly Olympics Started, Yo!

philly 2016

Dear Philebrity,

I was ecstatic to see “Philadelphia” and “Olympics” in the same sentence today in an earlier post. Then I read the fine print. How can the 6th borough not even get a shot at such a wonderful spectacle? I believe we need to let the IOC know just how great this city can be. We embraced the idea of a stadium in Chinatown, and we can surely find enough space here to accomodate all of the Bode Millers, Lance Armstrongs and their estranged wives!

I have attached a logo to get the ball rolling. Let’s do this, people.

You know what? Nothing is real until it has a logo. And now, we have a logo. Thank you, good sir.
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