Rumblings: Babies Having Babies

>>> Our very own Tara Burke, aka Fursaxa, goes out and gets herself gets a little love on the ‘Fork. Which is fine, Tara, but we want to make just one suggestion: Umlauts. Think abłt it.
>>> A two-days belated big ups to Hail Social. Their full-length debut just dropped on Polyvinyl.
>>> And lastly, a heads up: There’s a reporter from the NY Times going ’round right now talking to all the young hot NYC transplants in an effort to push this whole “sixth-borough” nonsense straight into the Sunday Styles section. Our recommendation? If you see him, “lie” and tell him the truth: That you’re really from the Lehigh Valley and you’re no more a New Yorker than you are a Philadelphian. Or vice versa.

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